Changes afoot at the MSE

Ok, so everyone’s sick of receiving tons of emails on MSE topics, and I’m not exactly overly fond of creating them either. So I put some thought into how to streamline things a little.

The result is a newly-designed members area based on a combination of our existing library, Google’s Calendar, this WordPress Blog, and a few manually-updated web pages.

By simplfying the way information is presented, and centralising it in the Members Area website page, I hope that we’ll avoid any future misunderstandings over rehearsal arrangements etc.  If you’re unsure about anything to do with the MSE, rehearsals, concerts etc., look in the Members Area page first, then contact Jem if you need to clarify anything.

Important Note :- The Google Calendar is much more than a list of dates !  From now on, I’ll use the calendar to distribute details of our rehearsal activities – including which tunes we’ll rehearse on any given date.  To use this feature, simply click your mouse on a given calendar entry.

Let me know what you think of the new layout !