MSE Rehearsal – Mon 9th July

Hi all,

Please see below, our draft playlist for Peel Cathedral …

Please make sure you have sheet music available for all of the pieces, although we’ll concentrate on those marked with an asterisk *.  No need to put the tunes in order yet, but please make sure you have your music readily to hand as we won’t have much time (IOMWO will no doubt turn up before 8pm).  Could you please also make every effort to turn up promptly at for the rehearsal, for a playing kick off at 6:30pm.

Thanks, Jem

Tunes   for Peel Cathedral Mins
Horace Silver Medley * 4.75
Welcome Dance 2.25
I Feel   Good * 3.00
Little Brown   Jug * 2.25
Java Jive 2.50
Let’s face the Music * 4.25
Wonderful World * 2.25
Pink Panther * 2.50
The Day thou gavest Lord   (Hymn) 2.00
Persiflage 4.50
Moondance * 4.00
Basin Street Blues 2.00
(The) Yellow Dog Blues 2.00
Yesterday * 2.00
When I’m 64 2.50
It’s only a Paper Moon * 2.50
Crazy Thing / Reet Petite * 5.00
Slow Trad Blues * 4.50
Song of the Three Steamers * 3.25
Total Running Time 58.00
Poss Alternative
Gershwin’s Lullaby 3.50

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