M.S.E. Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.)

Hi all,

As with all non-profit groups, we need to hold an AGM close to our year-end (which is on July 31st).

Making allowances for school holidays and to ensure a full turnout, the AGM will therefore be held on

Monday 10th September 2012

Last year, we held an informal discussion in a restaurant in lieu of an AGM – which was less boring than usual, but which didn’t achieve much in terms of decision-making or communication.

This year, in addition to the mandatory stuff (finances, officers etc.) I want us to set aside some proper discussion time to make sure that whatever we do in 2012/13 is in line with everyone’s expectations and fully supported by the band.

There’ll be no fancy presentation from me this time around … simply a set of topics for group discussion.

… and the meeting will be your chance to raise anything that’s on your mind, make changes to the way we do things etc.

In preparation for the meeting, please take some time to think through our activities, and let me have your thoughts on topics to be included in the agenda.

… and yes, we’ll play some music too !

Cheers Jem

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