Important – Rehearsals 23rd and 30th July are now at Eastcliffe !!!

Hi all,

I’ve just heard from Don Roworth at the cathedral, that they are unable to grant us rehearsal time on either of the Monday’s leading up to the concert (23rd / 30th).

Please can you let everyone else in the group know – as not everyone checks their emails / the website regularly and I want to avoid folks turning up at the wrong place.

I’m not overly pleased to find this out at such a late stage when we’d asked for the time on their booking form, but there’s little I can do to change it now.

Don has offered that we could use the cathedral for a rehearsal on a different night.  Given that I’m working in Belgium at the moment, that might also prove difficult but it’s worth asking I guess.

IOMWO has now ceased rehearsals for a summer break, so on the basis that some of the group are used to meeting on Thursdays, there’s a possibility that we could meet at the Cathedral on Thursday evening (26th July).

Can you please let me know if you would be able to make a rehearsal at the cathedral on Thurs 26th.  If so, we’ll probably do this instead of our normal rehearsal on the 30th.

Thanks, Jem



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