Rehearsal follow-up


Rehearsal follow-up / update  :  Replies to


Hi all,

Thanks for a fun and productive session last night.  As a result of the good progress we made, I’d like to confirm our play-list for the 40’s night on October 13th as …

Moonlight Serenade

American Patrol

Don’t sit under the Apple Tree

Embraceable You

I’m beginning to see the light     (this will be on the web-site soon).

I recognise that American Patrol is a challenge, but it’s within our grasp if each of us does a little off-line practice (it was clear last night that not all of the band are practicing in-between rehearsals!).  In particular, please take the time to listen to the MIDI / MP3 file – just follow the link above.  That way, you’ll hear the tempo changes and it will undoubtedly improve your ability to play the piece seamlessly.  Also, where we have fast bits and solos, each of us needs to get these ‘under the fingers’ as quickly as possible.

Looking a little bit ahead to the Christmas season (I know it’s kinda sad, but it never hurts to be prepared), here’s the new piece I mentioned in the rehearsal – Do you hear what I hear ? – We’ll be putting together a version that’s arranged pretty much the same as the video, so again please take the time to watch a few times through so you can get the groove in your head before we come to play it together.

Lastly, Andrea conducted a straw-poll of the band re a Christmas get-together.   We voted (unanimously as far as I could tell) to have a night out and a meal, not in the busy period on the run-up to Christmas but instead in January.  This should give us a more affordable night out, and a lift when things generally go really quiet socially.  Please let Andrea know if you don’t want to come – otherwise we’ll assume that everyone wants to join in.

Thanks all, see you Monday !


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