Running the Group – IMPORTANT !

Hi all,

As you’ll probably know, I put off our Annual General Meeting (AGM) for a while pending my knee operation and because we have a couple of concerts coming up.  The good news is that I had my op. yesterday and apart from hobbling around a little, it’s business as usual.  I don’t want to get behind though, on the topic of running the group, which will form a key part of this year’s AGM – to be held soon after Nov 2.

As you may know, our current group secretary (Sara) has been off ill with back problems for some time now, and she recently confirmed that she won’t be able to make a return in the new future.

Tracey has also recently asked me to find someone to take over her duties as treasurer.  For the moment, I have the books and will keep things ticking along in the short term, until we find a replacement from within the group.

Guy is in place as concerts / events organiser, Jane B. organises refreshments, Andrea has agreed to organise a social event in the new year, and Jackie continues to help out with transcriptions of new pieces of music.

This leaves me with the combined roles of Chairman, Music Director, Music Librarian, Website Manager etc. – which is as much as I can manage, and often more.

So … Can I ask you please to do some thinking ahead of the AGM, as we urgently need ;

– A volunteer to be Treasurer (and someone else to be a cheque signatory)

– A volunteer to be Secretary

– Someone to organise an application to the Arts Council for funding for a weekend workshop (I have a template from previous events and can help out with the details).

… and to run the group effectively, we’ll need to put together regular (if not frequent) meetings of the group’s organisers (MD, Secretary, Treasurer, Concert Manager) to make sure we keep things in check and running smoothly.

Based on the above, it’s time for the members of the group who haven’t done much in the admin department **, to step forward and play their part.  I’m more than happy to discuss the details of each of the roles etc., but please don’t leave it to everyone else to volunteer or we’ll never move forward 🙂

Cheers Jem

** – Charlotte and Matt are excused boots on this one – they have more than enough on their plates getting up to speed with our repertoire !





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