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Please read this all the way through and reply to any relevant items – thanks … and sorry it’s so long !


Hi all,

General Updates

Firstly, for those who use our practice aids (Andrea :)) – I’ve put the score, parts etc. for “I’ve got a Gal” on the website…

For this week’s rehearsal, we’ll run through the playlist for the 40’s night in playlist order, so please make sure you have your sheet music organised accordingly so we don’t waste time in rehearsal looking for lost music !

AGM Date

Bowing to popular demand, and wanting to concentrate of getting our concerts right, I’ve decided to move the AGM to Monday December 10th.

Part Allocations

I’ve updated the part allocations for all current tunes, and would appreciate your checking that I’ve got them right.

Rehearsal Homework

I know we’re not all great at chromatic scales, and the section at ‘F’ in ‘I’ve got a Gal in Kalamazoo’ looks a bit tricky at first glance, but I’ve deliberately written it to be manageable with a bit of practice.  This will feature in the upcoming 40’s night concert on October 13th, so please set some time aside this week, and again at the weekend if you need it – to make sure you can play this section confidently.  …. and don’t forget that you can use the MIDI / MP3 versions of the tune to practice with if you need to.

Change to Rehearsal Venue – Important

We have three concerts coming up in fairly quick succession, so I’ve made some changes to our usual rehearsal patterns to suit.   We’ll still meet on Mondays as usual, but some of the rehearsals will be at our performance venues, as follows ;

– Monday evening October 29th – Rehearsal will be at Holy Trinity Church, Patrick, starting promptly at 6:45pm.

– Monday evening 26th November / 3rd December – Rehearsals will be at Marown Church, Glen Vine (near MTV) – start 5:45pm.

These are subject to confirmation from the concert holders, but please start planning for the new locations.  Anyone who’s unsure of directions, or may have difficulty getting to the venues, please see me and we’ll do what we can to help.

Missing in Action

I’m sorry to say that I’ve got a bit confused with who’s around for each of the coming concerts.  Can you please check the list below and let me know asap of any corrections needed.  Ta.

Can’t make 40’s Night – 13th Oct – Jackie, Tracey

Can’t make Patrick Concert – Nov 2nd – Andrea, Jane Mooney

Can’t make Christmas Concert – Dec 8th – Guy

I’ll assume that everyone else is available.

Upcoming Concerts

40’s Night – Sat 13th October (7:30pm **) – Port Erin Legion Hall

** – We’re on at 9:15pm, so we need to agree on a turn-up time to allow for a warm-up, tune-up !

Play list (in order) ….

Little Brown Jug

Moonlight Serenade

I’ve got a Gal in Kalamazoo

Embraceable You

Don’t sit under the Apple Tree

I’m beginning to see the light

It’s only a Paper Moon

Full Concert  – Friday 2nd November (7:30pm) – Trinity Ch., Patrick

Play list (in order) – 40’s tunes as above, plus …

Londonderry Air

Horace Silver Medley


I Feel Good

Song of the Three Steamers

Wonderful World

(The) Yellow Dog Blues

Jungle Book Medley

Christmas Concert – Saturday 8th December (3pm) – Marown Church

Various upbeat Christmas Tunes (not carols) – to be decided.


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