The MSE Support team

The Support Team

As many of you know, the MSE has a very simple committee structure.  This was established in 2010 on the understanding that whilst committee activities would be minimised, many of the supporting tasks needed to run the band effectively and to help it grow, would come from the band’s membership – whether they were committee members or not.

In practice though, this just hasn’t materialised and band activities have suffered significantly as a result.  Specifically, the current situation has left me personally with an impossible workload, as I currently have to cover multiple roles that are no longer supported by the team.

Recent attempts to garner voluntary support from the band through have met with a very disappointing response.  I received virtually no offers of help – the only exception being that Kyra offered to pitch in out if no-one else steps up, despite being the busiest teenager I know!

I’ve stated on many occasions that I can’t maintain this situation ongoing, and that I am looking to all band members to take a sense of ownership in their band by providing practical support.  We’ll address this topic in depth at the AGM, and the first Monday back in the new year will be primarily dedicated to a whole-team meeting to plan our activities for the next calendar year.

However, to avoid periods of embarrassing silence at the AGM, and to ensure that the band is able to continue in its present form, I would strongly urge that you put your hand up now and offer to do your bit for your band.

The attached document contains a list of our key support roles.  Within this list, it’s particularly important that we find members who are willing to commit the time and effort necessary to drive the following roles;

– Treasurer

– Concerts and Events Organiser

– Secretary

– Publicity Officer

Note – This list is not exhaustive, so please consult the Support Roles document below to see where you can help.

Click this link for a more detailed view of MSE’s support roles …   MSE Support Roles October 2012

The holders of these key roles will meet together with the M.D. and any other members who are working on active topics at the time, before the start of each term (at a time that does not affect rehearsals) to plan the band’s upcoming activities, and again mid-term for a brief session, to conduct a progress check on current actions.

Regards Jem

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