40’s night charity concert – Legion Hall, Port Erin

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Hi all,

As you know, we’re playing at the Legion Hall in Port Erin this Saturday.  It’s apparently called “A night at the Naafi cafe” … and has a 40’s / WWII theme.

A little late in the day, but I’ve managed to squeeze some details from them on the running order etc., so here’s the low-down …

Running Order for the Evening     Night at the Naafi

… and a competition form if you’re so inclined …   its a long way to PSM

Charlotte – feel free to bring a few supporters along.  The concert is sold out, but the organisers have allowed some room for us to come and listen etc. !

We need to be at the venue for 8:30pm – please allow time to get parked beforehand.  Parking should be available in the car-park behind the hall.

I’ll bring stands and banners, but would appreciate your help as always to get them set up … and the same at the end of the concert.

Our tuning-room space is limited, but we’ll do our best – possibly tuning in sections.  We’re on the floor at 9:15pm.

Dress Code is smart black lowers / footwear.  For gents, we wear white shirts and waist-coats (Matt, I’ll bring mine for you to use) – and ladies wear blue blouses.

If in doubt, check out the team pic. on the front page of the MSE website.

Lastly, the Playlist (in order) is below.

 It’s really important that you have your music in a folder (not loose) and in order as we’ll move quickly from one tune to the next on the night.


Little Brown Jug   — Note that on a shouted count of 1-2-3 shortly after the end of the piece, we’ll re-start at the lead-in to bar 73.

Moonlight Serenade

I’ve got a Gal in Kalamazoo

Embraceable You

Don’t sit under the Apple Tree

I’m beginning to see the light

It’s only a Paper Moon


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