Playlist for Christmas Concert – 8th December

Hi all,

We have just three rehearsals left before the concert on December 8th.

Monday Nov 19 – Eastcliffe – featuring first visit from Hazel, our vocal lead. – 6:45pm rehearsal starts.

Monday Nov 26 – Marown Church 6:45pm rehearsal starts.

Monday Dec 3 – Marown Church 6:45pm rehearsal starts.

To make sure we have a good quality offering, we need to concentrate on a limited set of pieces – see below.

If time allows, we’ll hopefully get time for a run-through of carols and some other tunes. before our first busk in Douglas on Sunday Dec 2nd.

Playlist for Marown Church Help 4 Heroes concert

Sat 8th December 3 pm

White Christmas – Vocal Lead version

Carol of the Bells

Christmas Medley

Santa Baby

When a Child is Born

Santa Claus is Coming to Town   ** – this is additional to the original list

Jingle Bell Jump   ** – this is additional to the original list.

Note – We’ve probably got one more tune here than the time allotted in the concert, but it’s good to have one in hand, just in case !

Given the tight timescales we’re working to, it’s really important that you check out the Parts Allocation page to ensure that you have as a minimum, the correct parts for each piece, ready to use in rehearsal – and that you put in any off-line practice time needed to ensure that you have a working knowledge of the piece (repeats, key changes etc.) and can play it through reliably.  You should however print off all parts for your instrument to allow a little flexibility in group rehearsals.

Thanks all – See you on Monday !  Jem


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