Rehearsal Aid – Notepad and tunes on CD

Hi all,

Following Monday’s team discussion, Jackie has come up with a really positive suggestion that I felt should be shared with you all.

As you may already know, most of our tunes are created / transcribed using Finale, a music score editing program.

Whilst this is a feature-filled and pretty expensive program, the makers also provide a free version (Notepad) – which is fine for playing tunes back and for simple editing.

Jackie makes the point that practicing using Notepad and a PC / Speaker combination is particularly productive as you can not only play along against all the other parts (as with a MIDI file), but you can see which bar you’re on, observe repeats etc. — and quickly jump to that ‘difficult passage’ you want to practice.

For those who would find this a helpful practice setup, I’m happy to provide a CD containing a copy of Notepad (that can be installed to your PC), and also MIDIs and Finale source files for all of our planned repertoire for the coming year (including Christmas stuff).

This involves a bit of sorting time at my end, but I’m happy to find the time if you feel it will be helpful.

One word of caution though – the Finale source files are very much the “keys to the safe” in terms of MSE copyright, right to use etc.

Any of these files provided to you must be used for the purposes of practice only, must not be given to folks outside of the group, and must be returned or deleted should you leave the group.

Cheers Jem




One Comment on “Rehearsal Aid – Notepad and tunes on CD”

  1. Jane Bridge says:

    Count me in, if it will help I will try anything. Thanks, sounds good,

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