Tynwald Mills Busking – Wed 21 November – Please reply.


This is a short-notice opportunity to do some busking, and pick up a minimum £100 for MSE funds

Please let me know by return if you’re available – Ta.

The Evening of Weds, 21st November – Time to be agreed, but expect 7-ish


Hi all,

We usually do a carols and Xmas tunes slot at the Tynwald Mills sometime on the run-up to Christmas.

However, after a poor showing in the buckets last year and the year before, I told the Mill organisers that we would look for a donation to campaign funds as a turn-up fee.   I didn’t hear back so presumed they weren’t interested.

However – I’ve just received an email and profuse apology from them, as they wanted us to come — but forgot to tell us !

The manager has agreed to a donation of £100, and we can put buckets out as well.

If we can get a decent quorum together, I’d very much like us to take the slot and play some Christmas stuff – partly to bring some dosh in to help with our planned weekend events, but also to keep faith with the Tynwald Guys.  The relationship could lead to a regular Christmas-time donation to our coffers, but only if they see us as reliable and flexible.

Please can you let me know by return whether you are able to make the eveningWeds, 21st November, Tynwald Mills

Thanks a mill, Jem


One Comment on “Tynwald Mills Busking – Wed 21 November – Please reply.”

  1. Charlotte Tyler says:

    Really sorry, but I won’t be able to make this! On Wednesdays I have a piano lesson and a Symphony Orchestra reheasal, and we have a concert coming up so I won’t be able to miss one week. Sorry again!


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