Busking slots – Important update – please read and reply

Hi all,

I did say in my last post, that lots of things were going on 🙂  However,  even I wasn’t expecting to have to make a change so soon.

Ah well – that’s life.   The good folks at IOMWO have decided to hold a Christmas concert, so changed a few of their dates in early December to suit.  This means that Thurs Dec. 6th is now an IOMWO rehearsal, so we (MSE) won’t do any busking on the 6th.

By way of an accommodation, Michael Morrison of IOMWO suggested that the MSE should take priority for busking players on Sunday the 9th December.  If we have more than enough, we cam always elect to free a couple up to play with IOMWO, but Michael reckons they’ll do fine anyway.

… and finally, whilst we have Sunday Dec. 23rd on the list, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll do any busking then – partly as town will be quiet, but mostly because I firmly believe we should all have time for a slow-down before Christmas.

With this in mind, please continue to let me know which slots you can attend so we can make some final decisions on Monday – but concentrating on …

Sunday 2nd – Douglas

Sunday 9th – Tynwald Mills

Saturday 15th – Douglas

Saturday 22nd – Tynwald Mills.

Thanks, Jem


One Comment on “Busking slots – Important update – please read and reply”

  1. Charlotte Tyler says:

    Hi, I’m afraid that I can’t make the Sunday ones as I am at work, but I can make the Saturday ones as far as I know.

    Sunday 2nd Douglas – No

    Sunday 9th Tynwald Mills – No

    Saturday 15th Douglas – Yes

    Saturday 22nd Tynwald Mills. – Yes

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