Help 4 Heroes Concert Update

Hi all,

Based on our last rehearsal, taking in input from various players, and probably playing things a little safe, I’ve decided to make some minor changes to our playlist / order.  Apart from changing the order around a little bit, I’ve added in ‘Bleak Midwinter’ and have taken out ‘Santa Baby’ as it was a bit of s stretch in the time available.  Please keep Santa Baby to hand though, as we will continue to work on it.

A quick message from Jane B. – Can anyone who wants tickets to the concert (at £4 each) please ring her on 402747.  Thanks.

For our rehearsal this coming Monday, and for the concert, can you please organise your sheet music to allow us to play the following stuff (in this order) ….

Thanks, Jem

Concert Playlist

When a Child is Born

Jingle bell Jump

Carol of the Bells

In the Bleak Midwinter

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

A Christmas Medley

White Christmas – with Hazel Stewart



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