Busking at Tynwald Cancelled

Hi all,

Apologies if you been beset by repeated emails, but I’m trying to make sure everyone gets to hear that we’ve cancelled our final Busking session today at Tynwald Mills due to adverse weather conditions.

A big thanks to all for your support over the Christmas period.  Even without this final session, we’ve raised a little over £600, which is enough for us to commit to a weekend workshop with Alistair Parnell later in the year. … so well done !

I hope you all have an enjoyable relaxing break.  See you in the new year – we’re back in harness on Monday 7th Jan !

Cheers Jem

End of Year Catch-up

Hi all,

As we move towards the end of the year, I thought it would be a good idea to tie up some loose ends, and share some news with you all – not to mention wishing all those who are not coming to the busking on Saturday a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

As you know, we’ve been trying for a while to hold our AGM.  Following a busy autumn term, a medical emergency at the Creg, and a no-session on the 17th, I’ve decided to take an alternate approach.  Instead of holding a meeting then posting the minutes afterwards, this year we’ll do it in reverse.  Who knows, it may even save us some time 🙂

I’ve put my AGM notes up in draft format on the member’s / committee area of the website.  Click the underlined link to view.

We’ll review the notes when we return to Eastcliffe in the new year (7th Jan), but feel free to raise any queries etc. beforehand as this is only a draft.  We’ll make any changes and publish a final version after we’ve had time to discuss the details.

You’ll see from the AGM doc that we’ve got a couple of new and exciting concert opportunities on the books for 2013 – a joint do with IOMWO in Port St. Mary, and a very posh concert playing to the “great and the good” at Lorne House in Castletown.  Both are great opportunities for us to show how we’ve improved musically, and to test the mettle of our new concert organisers !

Here’s looking forward to a fun and productive 2013 !

Cheers Jem

Monday December 17th – Session Cancelled !

Hi all,

We have a number of players unable to make the session tonight, such that we wouldn’t be able to put on a productive rehearsal.

Given that we’ve also been very busy lately, I‘ve decided it’s best to cancel tonight’s session.

Please note that the Tynwald session on Saturday the 22nd Dec is still on !

Lastly – I’ll send the ‘draft AGM’ document out a little later on, together with details on our first rehearsal of 2013, support team meeting arrangements etc.

Cheers Jem

MSE Christmas Busking – Results so far …..

Hi all,

Just thought I’d drop you a quick note to say well done for an excellent busking session on Saturday – which raised just over £200 for group funds.

We’re now well on the way towards funding our planned weekend workshop event with Alistair Parnell – more details when we get together on Monday.

See you then, Cheers Jem

Busking Slots and Collections Dec b

MSE Rehearsal – Monday 17th Dec, 6:30pm

Hi all,

All aboard for the last MSE rehearsal of the year – Mince pies de rigeur !

We’ll have a bash through of the last few Christmas tunes in our stack – you never know, we might even get one or two ready for our final busk on the 22nd, and it’s all good preparation for next year !   They’re all on the Christmas Library, you should hopefully have copies already, and parts are allocated ….

Walking in the Air

Do you hear what I hear ?

Saviour’s Day

In addition, I thought we’d try a few Jon Halton arrangements.  The first two have been tried already, so again you should hopefully have sheet music to hand.    If not, they’re on the library.  I’ll bring along parts for the final tune “Latin Americana” – but if you’re desperate to have a listen before you come along, again it’s on the library.


A Sixties Medley

Latin Americana # 4

All of the above tunes are in the MSE library – just click on the title to be taken to the relevant page.

Lastly – we’ll try to complete the AGM (or as much of it as time will allow) over the coffee break.

Cheers Jem

MSE Busking – Saturday 15th – 3:30pm to 5:30pm – outside Dealz

Hi all,

I’ve checked the weather and have it on good authority that it’ll be cold.   Possibly a little windy, and there’s a chance of rain, but it’ll definitely be cold, so please wrap up warm.

Just in case we do get inclement weather and have to call off the busk, I’ll post a message on the blog, and also try to reach as many as possible by text – (I have everyone’s number except for Guy) – to save wasted journeys.  However, it looks unlikely that we’ll need to cancel.

This is our biggest and best busking slot, so please turn up in good time to get going by 3:30pm latest.  The light will fade later on, so we may not run all the way to 5:30pm, and an early start will help us.

We’re missing Charlotte, Kyra and most likely Tracey, but we should be able to put on a good show with 10 of us in the line up !  …. and we’ve got permission to play outside Dealz in Strand street, so we’ll meet there @ 3:15pm.  We’ll play the usual carols, plus whatever Christmas fayre we’re feeling like out of our concerts and Christmas list.

See you there – Jem !

p.s. A separate blog out a little later tonight with tunes for Monday’s rehearsal.

AGM Report – Take #1

Hi all,

Well as AGMs go, it was at least fairly memorable !   However, when I asked for suggestions from the floor, I really wasn’t counting on Tracey’s dying fly routine.  Speaking of which, Tracey’s back home and taking it (relatively) easy.  We all wish her a speedy recovery.

The only real decision we made, was to hold an informal rehearsal on Monday (17th).

The Christmas meal appeared to go well, and I’ve just about sorted out the complex financial model behind it – with monies travelling in all directions in part-payments and counter allowances.  Should make the accounts look interesting :)  A vote of thanks to the Creg staff, who let us off Dan and Tracey’s meal costs so at least they weren’t out of pocket.

We can pick up on the meaningful bits of the AGM in the coffee break of our next rehearsal on Monday, but in the meanwhile, please feel free to take a look at various bits of info I’ve posted up onto the Committee page of the member’s website.

In particular, I’ve included our updated Master Music List, which details over 150 tunes that are ready for us to use (OK status).  Note that there are plenty of others labelled as ‘Source’, meaning we have something from which we can create our usual arrangements, or ‘WIP’ – which means I’ve at least started work on them.

Please keep your eyes open for a further blog message in which I’ll choose a few tunes for us to have a crack at on Monday.

Cheers Jem