Annual General Meeting / Christmas Meal – Mon 10th Dec, Creg ny Baa

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the deluge of blogmails !  Please note a correction to the timings for Monday (ta, Andrea) ….

You’ll need to be in the meeting room at the Creg for 6:30pm, so the 1 hour meeting doesn’t over-run 🙂

Talk about a bad news, good news title !     Here’s the basics ….

The AGM will start at 6:30pm – please be on time as we don’t want to run late (food will be waiting at 7:30pm).

The format of the AGM is pretty simple (see below).    Unlike most groups, we don’t go in for swapping of chairs and formal elections of officers.  There are some changes needed to be made to the committee this year (Presently Jem as M.D.,  Tracey as Treasurer and Sara as Secretary.  I’ll explain why in the meeting, and these can be actioned in the new year.  All other roles will fall to the support team.

We’ll dispense with the formalities as soon as we can, and the main thrust of the meeting will be to gain your input to ideas for 2013, and anything you want to raise in Any Other Business (AOB).  Please do spend some time to think through your MSE experience, and take advantage of the AOB slot to air your thoughts.  Out of fairness to all though, and to help us stick to our limited time slot, please let Jem know in advance aboutany topics you want to raise in AOB.

AGM Topics

Overview of Finances

Brief details of 2011-12 finances will be provided, plus a snapshot of the 2012-13 year to date.

M.D.’s Report

Report already presented in November.  Details on website committee area, along with a Player’s charter – which we’ll discuss very briefly.

The Support Team

Confirmation of team members

Meetings schedule / format / agree date of next support-team meeting

Initiatives / Ideas for 2013

Open Discussion – Your ideas most welcome !

Any Other Business (A.O.B.)

Security arrangements at Eastcliffe

Other topics raised by team members – don’t miss out – this is your chance to grand-stand !


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