AGM Report – Take #1

Hi all,

Well as AGMs go, it was at least fairly memorable !   However, when I asked for suggestions from the floor, I really wasn’t counting on Tracey’s dying fly routine.  Speaking of which, Tracey’s back home and taking it (relatively) easy.  We all wish her a speedy recovery.

The only real decision we made, was to hold an informal rehearsal on Monday (17th).

The Christmas meal appeared to go well, and I’ve just about sorted out the complex financial model behind it – with monies travelling in all directions in part-payments and counter allowances.  Should make the accounts look interesting :)  A vote of thanks to the Creg staff, who let us off Dan and Tracey’s meal costs so at least they weren’t out of pocket.

We can pick up on the meaningful bits of the AGM in the coffee break of our next rehearsal on Monday, but in the meanwhile, please feel free to take a look at various bits of info I’ve posted up onto the Committee page of the member’s website.

In particular, I’ve included our updated Master Music List, which details over 150 tunes that are ready for us to use (OK status).  Note that there are plenty of others labelled as ‘Source’, meaning we have something from which we can create our usual arrangements, or ‘WIP’ – which means I’ve at least started work on them.

Please keep your eyes open for a further blog message in which I’ll choose a few tunes for us to have a crack at on Monday.

Cheers Jem


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