MSE Rehearsal – Monday 17th Dec, 6:30pm

Hi all,

All aboard for the last MSE rehearsal of the year – Mince pies de rigeur !

We’ll have a bash through of the last few Christmas tunes in our stack – you never know, we might even get one or two ready for our final busk on the 22nd, and it’s all good preparation for next year !   They’re all on the Christmas Library, you should hopefully have copies already, and parts are allocated ….

Walking in the Air

Do you hear what I hear ?

Saviour’s Day

In addition, I thought we’d try a few Jon Halton arrangements.  The first two have been tried already, so again you should hopefully have sheet music to hand.    If not, they’re on the library.  I’ll bring along parts for the final tune “Latin Americana” – but if you’re desperate to have a listen before you come along, again it’s on the library.


A Sixties Medley

Latin Americana # 4

All of the above tunes are in the MSE library – just click on the title to be taken to the relevant page.

Lastly – we’ll try to complete the AGM (or as much of it as time will allow) over the coffee break.

Cheers Jem


One Comment on “MSE Rehearsal – Monday 17th Dec, 6:30pm”

  1. Simon and Andrea says:

    Hi Jem

    I don’t have sway and I can’t download from site , if possible could you please bring some music for me if you have it please



    Simon and Andrea Scott

    13 River Walk

    Braddan Hills

    Isle of Man IM4 4TJ

    +44 (0)1624 610800 (Home)

    +44 (0)7624 430485 (Si Mobile)

    +44 (0)7624 413637 (Andrea Mobile)

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