End of Year Catch-up

Hi all,

As we move towards the end of the year, I thought it would be a good idea to tie up some loose ends, and share some news with you all – not to mention wishing all those who are not coming to the busking on Saturday a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

As you know, we’ve been trying for a while to hold our AGM.  Following a busy autumn term, a medical emergency at the Creg, and a no-session on the 17th, I’ve decided to take an alternate approach.  Instead of holding a meeting then posting the minutes afterwards, this year we’ll do it in reverse.  Who knows, it may even save us some time 🙂

I’ve put my AGM notes up in draft format on the member’s / committee area of the website.  Click the underlined link to view.

We’ll review the notes when we return to Eastcliffe in the new year (7th Jan), but feel free to raise any queries etc. beforehand as this is only a draft.  We’ll make any changes and publish a final version after we’ve had time to discuss the details.

You’ll see from the AGM doc that we’ve got a couple of new and exciting concert opportunities on the books for 2013 – a joint do with IOMWO in Port St. Mary, and a very posh concert playing to the “great and the good” at Lorne House in Castletown.  Both are great opportunities for us to show how we’ve improved musically, and to test the mettle of our new concert organisers !

Here’s looking forward to a fun and productive 2013 !

Cheers Jem


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