Start of Term – Important – Please read carefully

Hi all,

Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year Break.

The support team is meeting tonight, and we’re back to rehearsals as a group from this Monday (7th Jan), starting playing at 6:45pm – with a repertoire based on both old and new numbers to take us through the next couple of terms, and hopefully some suitable concerts to help us focus our efforts.

Please make sure that you’re in the door at Eastcliffe on time – we have to lock the doors behind us for security reasons, so we’ll close them up at 6:35pm.  If for any reason you do arrive  when the doors are closed, please text my mobile (07867 830835), and I’ll come to let you in when we break between numbers.

The Christmas Busking season raised just over £600 (pretty good for 4 outings), which is enough for us to plan our Weekend Workshop with confidence.  Alistair Parnell has offered us four potential dates – weekends starting 20th April, 27th April, May 4th, June 1st.

Please check out which of these you could attend, and we’ll do a group poll in our coffee break.

Lastly, I’ll send out a separate blog with details of our initial batch of tunes.  Please print out your allocated parts as a minimum, and as always it’s a good idea to print out others for your instrument for a little flexibility.  Note that I won’t be bringing a stack of sheet music with me, so please print out your music in good time.  Any problems, please let me know before Monday.  Ta.

Cheers Jem


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