MSE Events Catch-up

Hi all,

From our poll of the group last week, it looks like we’ll go with April 20th for our workshop weekend with Alistair Parnell.

Of the other dates proposed, June 1st is mid TT, and May 4th is a bank holiday, so both have been discounted.

April 27th is an outside possibility, but looks less well attended than the 20th.

… this is all subject to hearing from Guy and Steph on their availability 🙂


… We’ve also been invited to run a couple of concerts jointly with the Isle of Man Wind Orchestra at the end of this term.

IOMWO are running two concerts on Thursday 14th March in the south of the island, and Friday 15th March in the North.

Assuming we can mount a decent team, this fits us quite well as we’ll have a repertoire ready for March 6th (Peel Pensioners) and can simply repeat the best bits.

…. and those of us who are in IOMWO will presumably be going anyway, so we just need to supplement the team 🙂


We’ll do a show of hands, but I’d like to button down both of these topics so I can move ahead with the necessary arrangements.

Thanks, Jem



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