Rehearsal – Mon 14 January

Hi all,

Sorry this notice has come out a bit late – I had to re-work a couple of pieces to allow for the fact that we don’t have Ben in attendance for 2 weeks (exams).

I’ve put new versions on the library of   As Time Goes By  and Bill Bailey.

Also, we’ll play the Three Manx Dances …   Part 1   and   Parts 2/3   at the Peel Pensioners Gig in March, so I’d like to run through these as well.

Can you please print out your parts for the three pieces above – see Part Allocations.  Thanks.

David – Can you please bring along your Soprano Sax – and Kyra can you please bring along your clarinet 🙂

Some quick notes to finish with ….

Can those who haven’t yet paid their subs, please make sure you give you £20 to Jane Mooney at the rehearsal – ta.

… and please make sure you’re in the door at Eastcliffe for 6:35 latest.  I really don’t want to have to disturb the group for late arrivals.

Cheers Jem


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