Rehearsal Mon 21st January

Any Replies please by email at

Hi all,

Here’s a few notes in preparation for our rehearsal tomorrow ….

Firstly, our Running order will be ….  Manx Dances, Bill Bailey, Puttin’ on the Ritz, As Time Goes By, Gershwin’s Lullaby, Lemon Meringue, … or as many as we have time for !

I’d like us to feature a couple of pieces by our Senior players, in the Peel Pensioners’ concert on March 6th.

We don’t have a great deal of time for group rehearsals, so if we do this, it will be on the basis that folk volunteer, with rehearsals being outside of our usual group timings – most likely 30 minutes following our normal Monday sessions.

I have in mind choosing two tunes from these three – Take 5, Persiflage, Waltzing Matilda … but I’m open to suggestions.

Can you please let me know fairly quickly if you’re interested, as I’d like to put together a first rehearsal early in Feb – thanks.

Sectionals   We’re running through quite a lot of new material at the moment.  If anyone is struggling with particular passages – whether it’s a difficult run of notes, timing, dynamics … then I’m happy to help.  If this is the case, simply let me know by email and I’ll put together a short session for you, and anyone who wants to join in, again following our normal sessions for max. 30 mins.

Repertoire – We’ll stick with our current tunes set for this coming Monday and the 28th, but after that I’ll introduce some golden oldies and one new tune to the mix.  I aim to put up part allocations in this coming week, so you’ll have plenty of time to print off the relevant parts, listen to the MP3s, MIDIs etc. as needed.

See you tomorrow, Jem


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