Rehearsals for Peel Pensioners Concert Mar 6th

Hi all,

Firstly, my apologies for cancelling last night’s session so late in the day.   We originally had a couple of known absentees, but for a variety of reasons, we then lost a further number of players at very short notice … to the point where we could not have held a productive rehearsal session.

We’ll have to chalk this one down to experience, but please remember that if you can’t make a session – to let me know in good time (unless it’s a genuine emergency) so I can plan for contingencies.

We now have 6 rehearsal slots left to the concert, and a lot of work to do.  I’ll put some thought into our repertoire for the concert given that we now have to cut our cloth to suit, and will post another blog very soon.

Please make every effort to ensure that we have full attendance to rehearsals in the coming weeks, so that we can provide the Peel folks with a quality showing – thanks.

In the meanwhile, we have some volunteers, but not enough – for the Senior Group.

We have Myself (sop), Jane M (alto), David (alto / tenor) and Ben (bari) … but we need at least one more tenor player and preferably an altoist to make up a sextet.   Names on a postcard please !  Ta, Jem

Catch you soon, Jem



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