Concert Dates Update

Hi all,

As you may know, we’re gearing up for our concerts season, so we have a number of opportunities coming up.

Firstly, a reminder that we’re now only 5 weeks away from our first concert this season – at
Peel Pensioners on Weds. Mar 6th, 7:30pm.  Please take time in between rehearsal sessions to make sure you’re up to speed with the tunes in our playlist.

The dates proposed by St. Catherine’s in Port Erin didn’t work out for us as they were in our holiday break time (August).  Guy has written to the organisers declining for this year, but expressing an interest in next year’s dates.

… and Andrea and Matt are looking into concert venues for the Sunday of our workshop weekend with Alistair Parnell.

I’ll post details of all our event dates as details become clear, on our ‘What’s On’ page on the website.
Click the link above to be taken directly to the page, and you can go back from time to time as things progress.

… and don’t forget that your browser may not show the latest page content until you hit ‘Refresh’ – The F5 key for Internet Explorer users !

Right now though, I need to know which date(s) you can do for the Peel Cathedral concert series, so that I can update the organisers.  I’ve asked them to give us a slot in term time if possible (and if not very close to) it to ensure we have a good quorum … and I prefer the July dates to those in September as we’ll have the repertoire ready to hand.

Can you please send me an email before this weekend (to letting me know your availability for the following Tuesday evenings  – Tues July 23rd,  Tues July 30th,  Tues September 3rd, Tues September 10th.

Many Thanks, Jem


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