Rehearsal update – Monday Feb 4th

Hi all,

We’re now on the closing stages of the run-up to the Peel Pensioners concert early next month, so please make sure to attend every rehearsal you can – ta.

New Repertoire Tune – Yes Indeed !

This Sy Oliver gospel classic has been waiting in the wings for some time, but now it’s time to give it an airing.

Parts etc. can be found on this link … Yes Indeed !

… and Parts Allocations are in the usual place in the website members area.  Do print out extras though, just in case other players have printer problems.

Version Control – Puttin’ on the Ritz.

We had a little bit of confusion last week as some folks had old versions of this tune.  Whenever you use old sheet music from your personal store, can you please check the website prior to rehearsals to make sure that the version you have is current.

For Puttin’ on the Ritz, your sheet music should have MSE Sextet written at the top below the title.

Viewing the latest versions.

I’ve recently had a couple of folks approach me with problems viewing updates to pages on the website.

This is usually down to a feature employed by many internet browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer) called cacheing – in which the browser speeds up page displays by ‘remembering’ content.  However, when pages change, you are then sometimes presented with old material rather than new or updated information.

To get around this, make sure that you hit the refresh button on your browser when visiting pages that are updated – e.g. sheet music, part allocations, event diary etc.  The refresh button on Internet Explorer is F5.

See you all Monday

Cheers Jem

p.s. – I’ve only had two replies to my request for availability for the Peel Cathedral concert.

I can only proceed with a concert engagement if I know I have a solid team, so please let me know preferably over the weekend, but if not definitely on Monday.   And as a clarification, anything other than a definite ‘yes’ against a concert date has to count as a ‘no’ – which obviously has a knock-on effect on our team numbers.


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