Treasurer / Signatories Needed

Hi all,

As part of the support team on-going, we need to find a Treasurer from within the team, and we also need three members of the band to be signatories on the accounts.

I’m currently an account signatory, and the treasurer would normally also be a signatory, but we need a third to ensure we have the ability to carry out business if one of the others is ill or unavailable.

The role of treasurer isn’t particularly onerous in terms of time / effort, but it is a very important role that carries some responsibility.

As treasurer, you’d need to ….

– Collect subs in each term and report to the support team.

– Collect / pay in monies from concerts, busking etc.

– Manage payments to Eastcliffe for our rent (a cheque for each 10 rehearsals we hold).

– Reconcile income and expenses with our bank statements, and report to the support team each term.

– Ensure we have adequate cash-flow to maintain group activities, and alert the support team if the float runs below our normal level.

– Attend support team meetings – one evening each term, plus others in rehearsal breaks as needed.

If you’re interested in supporting the and as treasurer or as a bank account signatory, then please email me  –

Many Thanks, Jem



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