Peel Cathedral – Take 5 !

Tuesday 25th June

Hi all,

As you;ll already know, we’ve had difficulty in getting a team together for the 4 dates suggested by the Peel Cathedral team so far.

I write recently to the organiser, offering our apologies and stating that we’d love to take part in their summer season if a suitable date can be found – and that a date in term time would undoubtedly yield a different result.

Clearly, Valentine’s day fever has got to them as they’ve taken notice of my plea (delivered on one knee of course), and have offered us another date.

This change required other bands to move their dates around to accommodate us, so I now really need the MSE to step up to the mark.

We are now booked for Tuesday 25th June – subject of course to having a quorum in the band.

Can you please respond to this  message asap, (click the underlined email to message me – with your availability.

If you can commit to the 25th, please send a simple confirmation – i.e. Yes, I’m available for the 25th.

If you can’t commit, then answer No.

Thanks a mill, Jem


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