Concerts and Availability

Hi all,

We’ve got a few concerts ‘n events coming up, so I’d like us to conduct a quick check as to who’s with us at each event – it saves us doing the same thing over and over each time.

The two IOMWO concerts (14th and 15th March) are still very much in the draft planning stage, so don’t worry too much about these – we’ll firm up as and when we hear from the IOMWO team !

I’m particularly interested though, in  ensuring we have a quorum for the event at Lorne House … and of course getting in any remaining replies for the Peel Cathedral concert (now nicely inside term time on June 25th !).

Can you please look through all of your dates – letting me know of any inaccuracies in the list, and complete any of the blanks.

As usual, replies to my email by clicking on the link here ….

Thanks, Jem

Player Availability 2013a


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