Peel Pensioners update

Hi all,

Just wanted to say thanks for a really successful, feel-good concert last night.  We got very positive feedback from everyone I spoke to – and in particular the folks seemed to like Kalamazoo, Take 5, Yes Indeed etc. – not surprising I guess as these are real memory-joggers.

Pauline commented that our Kalamazoo had a really authentic big-band feel about it.

Quote of the month however comes from a guy in the audience who said “Your sound took me back to the fifties when I’d listen to the great jazz bands in Manchester – only you’ve got a much better looking front row than they had !”

… that’s not saying that our back row don’t have an inner beauty of course 🙂

Please keep an eye out for the next post, as I’ll be sending details of some new music which you need to print out ready for the next rehearsal.

I won’t be around on Monday, so David has kindly offered to run the session.  He’ll look at a few key points in our current repertoire, and will take the team through some new tunes which will feature in our upcoming weekend with Alistair Parnell.

Regards to all, Jem


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