Songs of the British Isles – Part 1

Hi all,

As promised, here’s the first part of the “Songs of the British Isles” series.  This is a foretaste of the Alistair Parnell weekend.

Songs of the British Isles

Click the link above to visit the web-page.

Please print these off in good time for the next rehearsal (Monday 11th March), taking into account ……

1 – I’m leaving for Berlin on Sunday, so I’d advise you to print out any material you need before Saturday evening.  That way I can resolve any problems prior to setting off for foreign parts !

2 – Please make a point of printing all of the parts for your instrument (Altos – 1, 2 & 3 – Tenors 1 & 2)  ** as David won’t carry spares, and we’ll need to flexibility in working out who plays what.   …. and this way, if someone misses the blog message, you’ll still have parts available !

For the rehearsal on Monday, David will cover a few items on our existing repertoire which just need to be checked over, and will then move on to the 4 Songs in the British Isles Part 1 pack, plus Sway – which you should also have in your packs as it’s part of this term’s repertoire.

See you soon, Regards Jem


** – Yes I know it’s 17 pages of print for Altos, but that’s better than the 140 or so I’ve just had to print out then scan, to create master copies for this piece 🙂


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