MSE Rehearsal – Monday 8th April

Hi all,

With two weeks away in Germany, bad weather and a Bank Holiday, it feel like an age since we were last together !

… and I’m strangely looking forward to getting back in the saddle.

As you know, we have our weekend workshop coming up 19-21st April, and we have two weeks to prepare.

For the Sunday concert (21st) I’d like to offer a few tunes from our existing repertoire, plus any new stuff we put together with Alistair over the weekend.

Therefore, can you please bring your sheet music with you based on the tunes we performed in Ramsey recently.  We’ll select a few tunes from the list and run through them just to make sure they’re current.

For the weekend, we have a stock of tunes to work with, plus anything that Alistair brings along as additional material.

You should already have the complete British Songs set to hand – and I’ll shortly add three pieces – Have you met Miss Jones’, Carnival and All in Good Time.  Please keep an eye out for these appearing on a blog / the website latest tomorrow.

‘Miss Jones’ is a Jon Halton tune, so I’ll put up a MIDI / MP3 version as usual.

The other two are from Saxtet, and there are complete Youtube performances available to view / listen to.  I’ve had a listen to them whilst looking at the score, and would suggest that you do the same – it’ll make fitting the rhythms together much easier.

Cheers Jem



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