Weekend Workshop : Sunday Concert (21April), All Saints

Hi all,

Based on our run-through in our last rehearsal, please see below our playlist (in order) for the ‘existing repertoire’ portion of our proposed concert on April 21st.   We’ll add to this list, selections from our new ‘weekend workshop repertoire’, based on our progress throughout the weekend.

As usual, it would be really helpful if you could organise your folders so that the music falls easily to hand.

I naturally reserve the right to mis-read the playlist and cause mass confusion as I did in grand style at our last outing, but that’s the joy of standing at the front !

Those who are joining us for the first time as part of the weekend will probably have more than enough on your plate with the new stuff that Alistair will introduce, so should probably ignore the list below.  If you’re feeling particularly keen though, give me a shout !

Cheers Jem

Playlist of Existing Tunes for the Weekend Workshop Concert, All Saints Church – 4pm Sun 21 April

The Muppets Theme

Let my People Go

I’ve got a Gal in Kalamazoo

I Feel Good

Lemon Meringue

Suo Gan

Putting on the Ritz


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