Weekend Workshop – Everything you need to know !

Hi all,

Here’s the essential skinny on the weekend workshop.  Sorry there’s a lot of detail, but its good to be prepared.

The weekend’s Itinerary can be found on the MSE website What’s On page – just click the link to visit the page.

We start on Friday evening at 8pm latest – but it would be great of you could be at Eastcliffe at 7:30pm as Alistair may well arrive fairly early.

Saturday starts at 9am – and we can decide the details of the day with Alistair then.  Latest finish is 6pm, but we’ll aim to stop in time for folks to reset for our meal out.  .. and Sunday also kicks off at 9am (we might relax this a bit if we do well on the Saturday) – and the concert at All Saints is at 4pm..

The concert on the Sunday will doubtless attract a handful of the church’s own congregation, but essentially it’s down to us to bring our own audience.  To ensure we’re not playing to an empty church, can everyone please make sure they bring along 2/3 family or friends.  That way we’ll have a guaranteed quorum of say 30 folks to clap in the right places !

Music List

Songs of the British Isles  – Part 1  and Part 2


All in Good Time

Have you met Miss Jones


Up on the Roof / What a Wonderful World this would be

As always, you need to have all parts for your instrument, ready to hand.  This wasn’t the case at our last rehearsal, and we lost time as a result.  Please make a special effort to have your sheet music ready and organised up front, so we make the most of Alistair’s time.

Any questions – please let me know beforehand, not on the day for obvious reasons.

Ta Jem


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