Weekend Workshop Arrangements #2

Ok, so the last blog wasn’t everything you needed to know !

Those who play with us regularly will play some of our existing repertore at the concert on Sunday.

Tunes for this are (in order) below.

Can you please make sure you have your sheet music for these with you throughout the weekend, as Alistair may want to hear us just to get an idea of our sound – perhaps Friday evening or Saturday.  I’d also like to grab say an hour on the Sunday to run through some of our existing tunes so we get the best performance at the concert.

… and I forgot to mention last time that the fees for the weekend will be payable when you turn up – £25 for adults, £ 15 for Ben / Kyra.

Cheers Jem

Playlist of Existing Tunes for the Weekend Workshop Concert, All Saints Church – 4pm Sun 21 April

The Muppets Theme

Let my People Go

I’ve got a Gal in Kalamazoo

I Feel Good

Lemon Meringue

Suo Gan

Putting on the Ritz


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