Well done all – Take the night off ! … in fact, take two !

Hi everyone,

Firstly – my thanks once again to all for a sterling effort over the weekend and a stellar showing at Snday’s concert.

The audience really appreciated our playing, and Dunders commented that Alistair’s influence was really apparent in a greatly improved performance.

There’s much for us to take on board for the longer term, and we’ll have a quick chat about making some subtle changes to rehearsals when we return to the game

Just to make sure everyone knows, there’s no rehearsal tonight !   … and as the 6th is a Bank Holiday we won’t meet then either.  The next rehearsal will be on the 13th May.

I’ll send out some material over the next week or so which I’d like you to run through before we get together on the13th, so we can get off to a running start.

… and something for us all to think about is that we have some challenges ahead on the lead up to a pair of concerts on the 22nd (Lorne House) and 25th (Peel Cathedral) June.

Ben and Kyra will be exam mode, so will doubtless be less apparent than normal – and we won’t have Steph in teh line-up.   so ….

1   We will need to make subtle changes to our line-up to cover absences and enable practices to be productive.

2  Those who normally play quietly in the background will have to step a notch as they may well have lead or prominent parts.

I’ll think through the playlists carefully as it’s important that we have material that we can perform comfortably at the end of the next 6 weeks of so.

Any suggestions are most welcome.

Cheers Jem



One Comment on “Well done all – Take the night off ! … in fact, take two !”

  1. Michael says:

    Sorry to be picky but I think you will find this is three weeks off not two 22nd, 29th April and 6th May, maybe its because your lip is sore!

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