Rehearsal Monday 27th May – Important

Hi all,

Firstly, please let me stress that this coming rehearsal is a really important one.  Ben is about to enter his last phase of A-Level exams, so we have to take our chance now, to practice as a full band … bank holiday or not !   Please therefore think of the team and make sure that we have a full turn-out – thanks.   Anyway, the weather forecast is pretty awful, so we may as well be playing saxes.

Next up is a reminder that there are TT practice sessions arranged for tomorrow, and the circuit roads will be closed from 6pm.  No problem provided you’re outside of the course by then !  I’ll be at Eastcliffe in good time just to be on the safe side 🙂

The play-list for the rehearsal is detailed in my previous Blog – but can you please also download and print off your parts for ‘Little Brown Jug’ which I have re-arranged as a sextet (down from an Octet).  If we get time, I’d like to have a run through of the arrangement just to check that it plays ok.

You can get the sheet music as usual from the library here ->   Little Brown Jug

Thanks all, Jem

p.s. – David – Can you please bring your Alto as a just-in-case.  Ta.


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