Extra Rehearsal

Update ….

Hi all – As you can see below, the Friday evening (14th June) is looking favourable for us to fit in an extra practice session.

Jane (B), Matt and Kyra – can you please let me know your availability for all of the slots below, and in particular the Friday evening.

@Kyra – no problem about lifts – if there are no buses, I’ll give you a lift home !

… and I’ll bring some cakes ūüôā

Cheers Jem

Extra Rehearsal 1





…. Earlier post …..

Hi all,

Thanks for a good turnout last night.   Some very good progress made on settling down the new pieces.

We’re a bit short-handed next week (no Ben / Michael /¬†Matt) – and Ben may well¬†not be able to make Monday 10th due to A-Level commitments.¬†¬† This leaves us with only 1 more rehearsal session before the Lorne House gig, and if I’m being honest we’re not up to speed yet.

So –¬†I’m proposing¬†an extra rehearsal slot, to be agreed.¬† I realise it’s a stretch, but I really think it’s necessary.

Thursdays are normally IOMWO nights, so we’ll have to avoid those, and the rehearsal would need to be between the 12th and 21st June.¬† Please¬†reply to me by return¬†by email at¬†¬† jem.cotton@wm.im, stating which of these dates you could make.

Wed 12th June

Friday 14th June

Saturday 15th June am

Saturday 15th June pm

Sunday 16th June am

Sunday 16th June pm

We’ll look at later dates if we can’t get a quorum based on the above.

Thanks a mill, Jem


One Comment on “Extra Rehearsal”

  1. Michael says:

    At the moment only the Weds 12th is out for me, Saturday may be problematical as we get closer to the date. Michael

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