MSE Rehearsals in June

Hi all,

As you will no doubt be aware, we’re on the final run up to our two June concerts  – Sat 22nd (Lorne House) and Tues 25th (Peel Cathedral).

We’re short of Ben (and some other key players) this week (June 3rd), but we’ll hold a rehearsal session to help us solidify some of our newer material.

Please note that in between TT races and practice, the roads will be open from 5pm to 6pm – enough to allow us to get to Eastcliffe.

Following this, we’ll hold three further rehearsals on the run up to the 22nd …..

– Monday 10th June

– Friday 14th June (extra rehearsal slot)

– Monday 17th June

For the Friday slot., I only have two no-shows (Guy and Chris).  I’ve yet to hear from Jas, Matt and Steph but hope to clarify soon.  In any event, we’ll have a good quorum, so please put this in your diary as it’ll help us produce a polished performance on the day.

See you at Eastcliffe – Cheers Jem



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