Lorne House Concert Arrangements – Saturday 22nd June.

Hi all,

Here’s all you need to know about the Lorne House concert ….

Timings : The event starts at 7pm – Please be at Lorne House for the start if you can, but if not certainly by 7:15pm so that David and I can get everyone tuned up.  Ben and I will play three short pieces with CD backing to warm the audience up starting at 7:30pm, then we’re on at 7:45pm.

I’ll see how the time runs on the day, but I intend to play our whole set – the playlist is unchanged from the one I published a couple of weeks ago.

Directions : See map below.  Easiest way is from the airport, drive towards Castletown and go straight-on at the roundabout into Bowling Green Rd.

Look for Pickard Close on your right hand side, and the gates to Lorne House are in front of you once you enter Pickard Close.

Follow the driveway up to the main house and someone will direct you for parking.

Dress : This is a formal event so please wear the smartest version you have …. Gents -> White Shirt, Black trousers and shoes.  MSE or other waistcoat if you have one.  Ladies -> MSE blouse, black lowers.

Don’t forget to bring your stands and music !  I’ll bring some banners.

… and here’s looking forward to a fun concert.

Cheers Jem




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