MSE Support Team

Hi all,

As you’ll know by now, the MSE has an urgent need to form an effective support group to run our activities, in preparation for next year.

If we fail to put a group in place by the end of the term, we won’t be in shape to resume rehearsals next term … and in that case, the future of the group doesn’t look good at all.

So far, I’ve only received specific offers of help from Matt (Treasurer) and Kyra (Librarian).  Jas has made a general offer to help out.

However, this leaves us with no Chairman, Events Manager or Secretary … and without these key roles being filled as a minimum, we can’t move forward.

I may be off island on July 15th, so we really need to make a go / no-go decision on Monday …. and I also need to decide whether Monday’s session should be dedicated to getting the new team working, or agreeing how best to put the group on hold.

Therefore, can you please let me know by Friday evening latest, if you want to volunteer for one of the key roles mentioned above.

Details are in my blog of last Saturday.

Cheers Jem


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