Rehearsal Monday 8th July

Hi all,

We’re meeting at Eastcliffe as usual this week, and I’d like to play through the following tunes …..

Rehearsal Tunes

St James Infirmary – Solos from Jane B., Chris and Ben as they weren’t around last week (all – please look at last week’s blogs for the lead sheet if you need it).

We’ll also do some group work on this – The Group parts are available at -> St. James Infirmary

We’ll also carry on with Fascinating Rhythm which went pretty well last week, and finally pick up on a new piece, St. Louis Blues.

Can you please make sure you have all parts for your instrument – Thanks.

Running the Group

Finally, on the admin front we’ll take a bit of time to consider options for next year.

The good news is that most of the group have stepped forward to offer their support in one way or another.  I’ll make contact with the remaining folk individually, as we need a full-team approach if the group is to work effectively.

However, we don’t have specific owners for the Chairman role, Publicity or Event / Concert Management.

It’s not an ideal setup, but we can possibly make it work if I take a ‘management lead’ in these areas and am actively supported by the team in terms of carrying out actions.

So – the easy part is done – we have the basics of a team approach, and I’m going to move forward to next term taking the team’s support on trust.  However, the hard part is actually making it work, and we need to decide as a team how best to do that.

Cheers Jem





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