A little holiday homework …..

Hi all,

As you know, our first meeting (September 2nd) will be dedicated to getting the team up and running – with your help !

As a summary, we need to set up / agree the following before we re-start music rehearsals

An effective Support team / Committee – We have volunteers for Secretary, Treasurer, Librarian, Concerts Organiser.  We just need to make sure the team is functioning correctly and working together to run the group’s admin.

An activity plan backed by a financial forecast, agreed by the support team

An effective system of communication both internally and to the outside world.

A schedule of planned and agreed events (minimum 2 per term)

An effective music-library system which ensures that everyone has sheet music without everyone having to print off multiple parts.


The quicker we put the basics in place, the quicker we can begin making music, so to get a head start on the planning cycle, could each member of the group please suggest a venue or two (probably easiest to pick one close to where you live) which might host an MSE concert, with tickets selling at say £5 a head.   We’d be looking for venue holders to provide the audience, so churches are the default option – but feel free to suggest other organisations.

Please provide contact details for any venue you put forward, and a brief reason as to why you feel the venue would work well, and send your suggestions to me by email in the next two weeks.    jem.cotton@wm.im


I’ll compile a list of venues suggested by members, and we’ll use the list as a key discussion topic on Sep 2nd.

Thanks in advance, Jem







One Comment on “A little holiday homework …..”

  1. Jackie Karran says:

    Not sure how you wanted the reply to be sent so I’ve used the reply function on the Blog.

    Just to bring you up to date on my attempts to drum up interest from Hospice and Friends of Manx National Heritage – I had no reply at all to my Hospice e-mail; I had a polite acknowledgement and a “will keep you in mind” from FMNH. As to venue ideas with venue operators taking some responsibility for drumming up an audience – have you considered parents’ associations at primary schools? I’m sure that a split proceeds fund raising opportunity that’s different from the run of the mill jumble sale event might spark some interest. I’ve suggested primary rather than secondary schools because secondary schools usually have their own orchestras/bands whereas saxophones might be quite a novelty and an instrument of interest to parents of primary age children contemplating musical instruments for the children to try as they progress through school. I have no points of contact other than school secretary in the first instance. I suggest Buchan and Ballasalla Primary school. I have also put some feelers out to the Abbey Church Ballasalla but with no feedback yet. I will be away on hols from 5th Aug to 19th Aug. Jackie

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