Re-starting the MSE – time is running out !

Hi all,

As you’ll have gathered from my last couple of messages, the MSE’s musical activities are currently ‘on-hold’ pending our working together as a team to set up some concert opportunities and put together a 2-year plan that we can all work to, to take the MSE successfully into 2013/14.

It’s highly disappointing therefore that over the summer break, we’ve made little or no progress on this (I’ve not had any replies at all from the majority of the band), and as a result our return to rehearsals will be substantially delayed.

As a side note, Jas will continue as events co-ordinator, but will be in India for several weeks, so can only join in by email.

This clearly presents some extra difficulties but they’re not insurmountable providing we all pitch in.

If we can’t get the band organised effectively in September, there’s little point in us running the group at all in the autumn term.

I’ve heard back from a few that the task of setting up concerts looks difficult, so I’ve written a guide for you.  It includes not only a very good ‘how-to’ section, but also some recent examples that show that arranging events is actually pretty easy.

Jo Overty has made some contacts on our behalf, and has passed me details of a church in Douglas who’s team are happy to run a shared-revenue concert.  I hope to translate this into a more detailed commitment during this week.  Separately, I set out to duplicate my previous experience at Patrick church by simply visiting a target venue.  I did exactly that at Glen Maye, and two days later we have a commitment from them to run a revenue sharing concert – details are in the document below.

Notably, none of the playing members other than myself, appears to have made any attempt to participate in this important topic.

So – I’ve made it clear repeatedly that we’ll only re-start the band if I see us being successful, and the largest part of that is seeing the band’s members show an interest, followed by actual effort, in contributing to the band’s aims.

By default, the band will not resume in the coming term.  If you want to change this, its up to you, to do your bit.

If you’re stuck as to what to do next, just get in touch and I’ll provide whatever advice and guidance I can.

Thanks, Jem

Arranging Concerts – a guide – August 2013


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