MSE Status – On Hold

Hi all,

By way of clarification, and to save wasted trips etc.,  We will not hold an MSE rehearsal this coming Monday Sept 2ndIndeed, all rehearsals and musical events are on hold currently.

As I’ve detailed previously, the decline of the MSE’s musical activities over the past 2 – 3 years is primarily due to a lack of involvement and effort on behalf of the band’s members.  I am determined to positively address this as our key priority, such that we can work as a productive team.

If we can’t build a successful team, and put corresponding actions in place in the next few weeks, I will put repertoire rehearsals on hold indefinitely.

Please be aware that this is not a threat – simply a consequence of what seems to be the group’s unwillingness to support the band’s aims.  Right now, and based on an analysis of our behaviour over the past year, I’ll admit that I don’t see us being successful in getting the band back on track – but I don’t want to give up without giving you the chance to understand our predicament, and do something positive about it.

Next Steps

Firstly, I have told the Eastcliffe team that we may be a few weeks late starting back.  This will hold them off for a while, but if we don’t start back in a few weeks, I’ll have to hand back our key and it’s by no means certain that we’ll then be able to return to rehearsals at Eastcliffe.

As in previous messages, I’ve given us until the end of September to set up half a dozen concert opportunities.   This is perfectly achievable if we get out from behind our computers promptly, and start talking to churches and other groups who can provide a venue and an audience – but if we don’t act quickly we’ll lose the opportunity to put a repertoire together this term.

I’ll organise a meeting of all those who are interested in getting the MSE back to active service, on the evening of Monday 9th September. On the evening, I’ll answer any questions you may have on how best to organise a concert opportunity, and provide my support to any active enquiries.

Please note that this will not be a general discussion on the future of the MSE, or a forum for ideas to change what we do etc.

The venue will be dependent on the attendees list.  If you would like to participate, please send me an email by Wednesday next week (4th Sept.) latest – ta.

Hope to speak to you soon, Jem


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