MSE Repertoire and Rehearsal Plan

Hi all,

Firstly, thanks to all for a great kick-off session on Monday.  It was good to get a team agreement on how to move forward, and I look forward to closing in on our new concert opportunities etc.   We should have meeting notes / actions etc. out to you shortly.

As promised, I’ve given some thought to our next few weeks to give you some advance notice with regard to the tunes we’ll feature.

Initially, we’ll work on consolidating some of the tunes that we’ve featured recently (but which the folks at Peel Pensioners haven’t heard !), and we’ll add some new ones as we go along – aiming for a mixed bag.  We may well tailor the content a bit once we put some concert arrangements in place.

Please see the attached sheet below, for details of the tunes – together with part allocation for this coming Mondays pieces.

2014 year – Repertoire and Concert Timings v1

Important note : The ones with titles in RED need me to do some work on them to suit our new layout, so please don’t print these off just yet.   If you foresee difficulties with any of the part allocations, just give me a shout before we next get together.

… and please don’t forget to bring in your subs next Monday (£20).   If you want to pay by on-line transfer, please let me know and I’ll send you the account details by email.

See you on Monday, Eastcliffe @ 6:30pm for a 6:45pm kick off as usual.

Cheers Jem


One Comment on “MSE Repertoire and Rehearsal Plan”

  1. Jasneet Singh says:

    Hi Jem,

    Thanks for a good kick-off meeting and explaining the ground rules. Hopefully, this will have the desired effect and we can get back to what we all like – playing music.

    See you Monday.

    Cheers, Jas


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