MSE Team Meeting – Notes and Actions

Hi all,

Please see below, the Key Actions and Agreements that we made in our recent meeting.  A copy of the full meeting notes will be posted to the our committee section in our member’s resources area of the website, and you can also read them here …

Getting the MSE back on track  (Click the link to load meeting notes)

Learning from past mistakes, we need to make sure that these items are actively progressed, so we’ll take 5 minutes in our breaks from time to time to discuss updates and new topics.

Cheers Jem

Key Agreements Comments
The MSE will remain at Eastcliffe in the short term(a few weeks). We will account retrospectively for any rehearsal fees due – Michael to notify the Eastcliffe managers.


Jem will investigate a new rehearsal facility in Douglas, based on information provided by Michael. 
Key Actions Deliverable Who When
Concert Events Set up events for the 2014 year  David and Jem jointly, pending Jas’s trip to India  Within the autumn term 
Rehearsals @St. Georges

Jem to contact venue holder to view and assess for our needs  Jem  Within 2 weeks 
Concert : Ramsey / North Investigate potential venues for a concert in the North of the island  Kyra  No date set 
Concert : With Ramsey singers Contact Regal singers to investigate possibility of a joint concert  Andrea  No date set 
Xmas Busking Set up busking dates @ Douglas and Tynwald  Ben, liaising with Michael to avoid clashes with IOMWO – then checking with the team.  As soon as the Xmas booking service starts (expected Oct.) 
Passion Plays Meet with their Music Director to seek opportunities which may be of benefit to the MSE – but not featuring the band itself  Jem  Sat. 14 Sept. 

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