Rehearsal Monday Sept 23rd

Hi all,

Firstly, please keep an eye out tomorrow / Friday as I’ll send out parts allocations for the tunes we’ll play on Monday … and we will feature “A Whole New World” in the mix !

We had a bit of a staggered attendance at the last practice session, with some folk turning up earlier than others, and Andrea having to leave at 8:30pm.  This effect robs us of practice time together, so we need to agree timings that work for all.

For this coming Monday though, please do your very best to be at Eastcliffe in time to start playing at 6:45pm.  We’ll run until 8:45pm latest.

During the break, we’ll have a quick team round-up on the following topics (no big intro, just get your views and make decisions).

Rehearsal Times – As above, we need to agree rehearsal slots that suit the team, based on 2 hours including a break.

Bank Holiday Mondays – We’ve traditionally lost out on Bank Holiday Mondays, and this dents our ability to work consistently on our repertoire.  I’d like to look at nominating an alternate evening just for the weeks which feature a Bank Holiday Monday.

Financial management – It would be easier and convenient for Matt and I to run our bank account on-line, which implies a one-to-sign setup.  Most members appear to be in favour, but I’d like to check that there are no objections before we proceed.

New rehearsal location – update.  The St. Georges court suggestion is a no-go.  Michael is looking into a plan B, but we need to revisit this topic to look realistically at our possibilities, and decide what to do about our Eastcliffe rent in the meanwhile.


See you on Monday

Cheers, Jem



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