Rehearsal Monday 30th Sept.

Hi all,

Please find the play list for our coming rehearsal on this link >>>  2014 year – Repertoire and Concert Timings v3a

I’ve also included tunes for the 14th October, and please note that there’s no rehearsal planned for the 7th October.

Sheet Music for ‘A Whole New World’ can be found on the website (or via this link)  >>> A Whole New World.

Lastly – a call for a bit of help.  I’m trying to build a trio of pieces from Aladdin.   We have ‘A Whole New World’ as above, and I’m working on an arrangement of ‘Friend Like Me’ which is a fast-paced swing number and will be great fun.   We practiced ‘Arabian Nights’ last week, and it seemed to go very well.  It would be great to get it on the library, but it needs transcribing into Finale.  The good news is that it’s short (only SATB and 41 bars), and the software to do it is free.  If you fancy giving the software a go, this is an ideal piece to run with, and it would give Jackie and I a bit of breathing room.

Cheers, Jem


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