MSE Rehearsals Schedule / Tunes Palette

Hi all,

Firstly, thanks to all  for an excellent session on Monday.  It certainly exceeded my expectations as to what we could achieve in an hour or so !.

This coming week, we’ll play the same tunes to see if we can’t button them down a bit … so please take the time to listen to the audio, watch the Youtube links and give the difficult passages a run-through.

… and we’ll hold a mini-meeting to get your input on our repertoire for our concerts in the Spring onwards.  Then we’ll make any changes to the play-lists as needed, following our chat.

I’ve assigned 2 weeks for Christmas Busking stuff (Nov 18th and 25th)- and I’ll issue a set of tunes for us to work with shortly.

You can access our Rehearsals Schedule and list of tunes via these Download links (just click to open)

2014 year – Tunes Selection 2013-14 v1

2014 year – Repertoire and Concert Timings v5a

See you Monday

Cheers Jem

MSE Rehearsal Monday 29th October (take #2)

Hi all,

As promised earlier in the week, I’ve posted a set of new tunes (all in SATB format) on to the MSE website in the members’ area,

To access the tunes, you can either go into the Members’ Area as usual and select the icon for “New Material

… or you can click this link >>>  New Material.

Please download the parts for your instrument, for each tune which should include ;

Ode to Joy, Hornpipe Fun, Limehouse Blues and Relax!

Any problems, please let me know soonest !

The last tune in the list is “Welcome to New Orleans” – I’ve yet to check that our transcription accurately reflects the score, and then I’ll issue parts.

Given the short timescales before Monday, it’s probably not feasible to give the tunes a run through, but please do have a listen / watch of the MP3 / Youtube videos which will give you an idea of what we’re aiming for.

See you Monday usual time.

Cheers Jem

MSE Rehearsal – Monday 28th October

Hi all,

Firstly, my thanks to David for holding a productive rehearsal session in my absence – and it was good to get back into the swing of the rehearsal routine after my break.   We had an enjoyable session, running through a few old favourites to keep up to speed, and making some headway on the “easy to play but difficult to play properly” Largo from Dvorak’s New World Symphony.  It takes breath-training to a whole new level !

By popular demand, we will be holding a rehearsal session at Eastcliffe – at the usual down-beat time of 6:45pm.

Kyra won’t in attendance, as she’s cruelly abandoning us in favour of another concert 🙂 *  … but hopefully Jackie and Jas will make their welcome return as they’re back on island, and we should have a pretty full turn-out.

I’m working on a schedule to take us forward for the next few weeks, but for this coming session we’ll take a slightly different tack.

I’d like to try out a few pieces we haven’t played before.   They’re all standard “S-A-T-B” format so it’s pretty obvious who should play what.

As we’re only trying them out at this stage, I’ll put them all onto a special page on the web-site, and send you the link.  We won’t have full midi file support for every tune, but I’ll provide some means of you having a listen to them on-line, even if it’s a YouTube vid.

Please keep your eye out for the next post and print off your parts as needed – As Kyra won’t be around, we can’t rely on a library service this coming week !

Cheers Jem

* = Kyra – don’t worry, I’ll save the final Aladdin piece for your return !

MSE Rehearsal 14th October

Hi all,

As you probably know, we’re not holding a rehearsal this coming Monday (7th Oct.).   I’ll also be missing for the next one (14th), so please be prepared to be flexible on playing parts etc.  Ben will be there though, so the focus will be on covering my playing part where appropriate.

David has kindly agreed to lead the session, and will no doubt turn up with a variety of saxophones to suit the material 🙂

The rehearsal  plan is attached here >>> Rehearsal Plan.

Please note that the website now features 3 new / updated tunes, that will feature on the 14th Oct ….

Arabian Nights (only slightly amended from the original, and with added dynamics) >>> Download.

Dvorak’s Largo – New >>> Download.

St. James Infirmary Blues (Version 2) – Extended and with a multi-lead section >>> Download.

Good luck in the rehearsal – I’ll see you all on the 21st !

Cheers Jem

MSE Actions

Hi all,

As a catch up from the start of term, Andrea and I have put together a list of on-going topics that we need to manage to ensure that we have an active and successful year.

The first few pages are dedicated to concert opportunities.  Our initiative to drum up some interest out in the ‘marketplace’ has worked spectacularly – we now have a really healthy funnel of music-venue holders wanting to work with us, and I’m chasing down various of them to agree firm dates without overloading the team.

The attached doc also contains a list of our admin actions – Please make a point of checking through all sections of the actions document thoroughly both now and when we release updates, as there’s nothing more frustrating than reviewing actions at a later stage only to find that nothing’s happened as the responsible person didn’t read the actions list 🙂

Key Actions  >>> Key Actions 2013 2014 v6 03 10 13

Thanks, Jem